Friday, September 17, 2010

Q.Make meaningful sentences using the following words


Remember the time we fell in love ooooo ... excuse me Michael Jackson isnt the topic. Remember the time in school when we had to make sentences.Yes. Yaad aaya?

And I used to struggle to make those sentences especially if the word was difficult ...! Rata bhi marta tha kabhi kabhi :( . So well it happened to me ...dunno whether u were a scochy... why one I'll give you ten.Ok lets take this word I just came across - portentous. Well this is a tough one. No clue about its meaning . Lets c whether I can use it in a sentence.   

1.I don't know the meaning of the word portentous. ;)
2.(I was sleeping when)Madam explained the meaning of the word portentous in the classroom.
3.I need to ask somebody the meaning of the word portentous.
4.The word portentous contains 10 letters.
5.The word portentous contains 4 vowels.
6.The word portentous has 6 consonants.
7.I dont know why but she suddenly screamed,"Portentous."(thanks!) ;) ;)
8. Portentous is a difficult word. ;) ;) ;)
9.I forgot to study the meaning of the word portentous.

Aur last par not the least

10.Portentous is a word in the english language ;) ;) ;) ;)

Wish I was back in school :). There should have been marks for creativity as well in the exams!!

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